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Here are some of our winning clients:

NASA - Kennedy Space Center

SunTrust Bank - Ft. Myers, FL.

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Marriott International - McKibbon Brothers, Inc.

Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.

Hyatt of Sarasota

City and County of Sarasota Facilities

Courtyard by Marriott - Nashville, TN.


Dear Mr. VerVane:

One might question why a person who never met you would write an unsolicited testimonial about your product "The Winsulator". In candor the logic is not hard to understand.

Several months ago I was in New England and read the May 1998 issue of Nation's Business. There was a brief article entitled "Making it" that told of your efforts in promoting the Winsulator. I recognized the Punta Gorda City Hall in the background photograph with you in the foreground wearing a "Superhero" costume. For close to 10 years Mrs. Pritzker and I have been on a quest for a product that will cut down the glare and UV that has a propensity to damage the pastel colors of our furniture and rugs. Our home has a 20' ceiling with five geometric shaped fixed windows at the East end and a similar arrangement on the West end . Those on the West end are protected by fixed wooden vertical louvers. Many of our rooms have skylights of various sizes. That design creates a bright interior but is a nightmare as we try to protect items from fading. We have looked at various products from drapes, shades and louvers. All of them had drawbacks that precluded their use.

When I read of your Winsulator I phoned for additional information. Upon my return it was waiting. You arranged for Brian to measure our windows. He came on time. He knew his business. As a side note we learned that a decade earlier Brian had done some of the framing for the builder of this property.

The price you quoted was fair and reasonable. Your installers came on the appointed day. They were efficient. They were clean. They were professional.

Notwithstanding those accolades we still observed "natural light" enter our home via the windows and skylights. The Winsulator is not dark from tinting. The acrylic is represented to filter the UV from the sunlight. How does one verify this fact?

Before we authorized the installation we read the NASA technical report in some detail. Investigator Underhill confirms that "the Optix Acrylic Safety Glazing effectively blocks out all ultra violet radiation below 380 nanometers except for a small amount, less than five percent, centered at 265 nanometers".

We contacted the manager of the Six Lakes Country Club in Ft. Myers. He confirms that their "sandwich" pro-shop restaurant is a Winsulator success story. He assured me that there is a marked heat reduction from solar gain and that fading is a thing of the past. We confirmed similar satisfaction from the owner of a Clock shop in Port Charlotte, Florida.

In our opinion the Winsulator exceeds the promises you made. Your installation crew were exemplary in every way. We hope that when you are in our area you might drop in - we are looking to meet you in person. You don't have to wear your "Superhero" costume. In our book you and your colleagues are super even in mufti.

Kindest personal regards,

Dr. Paul E. Pritzker, P.E.
National President 1985-1986




Bank of America - Sarasota, FL.

"You certainly have a revolutionary product and I am pleased to say I am looking forward to many more Barnett Bank installations"

James C. Clark
V.P. Asset Manager
Bank of America
(formerly Nations Bank)

City of Punta Gorda and
Charlotte County Facilities

"We have found that the Winsulator panels have reduced heat, noise and infiltration of the outside air pollutants. It has improved the indoor air quality and temperature control and has reduced employee complaints."

Jim Hill
Facilities Maintenance/
Parks & Grounds Divisions
Punta Gorda, Florida

Historic Spanish Point

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"I want to thank you for working with us on this project. You and your staff were wonderful to work with, the cost of your product is affordable, and the time from order to installation was amazingly brief."

Linda W. Mansperger
Executive Director
Historic Spanish Point
Osprey, Florida

Westshore Grill - Tampa Westshore Marriott

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Sir Speedy - Sarasota, FL.

Radisson Riverwalk - Tampa, FL.

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